Rex & Michelle after Toe Tappin' Swing lessons! Photo by

Let’s be honest, that first dance can be a nervous part of your big day. You’ve never never danced with a partner before (well, there was the occasional middle school slow dance). All those friends & family watching you… Oh no, what foot do I start with again?

Don’t be nervous! Let Toe Tappin’ Swing calm those nerves and get your havin’ fun on the dance floor! We can provide a number of services to make your special day that much more unbelievable, including:

  • Wedding dance private lessons
  • Beginner lesson at your reception before the band/dj starts
  • Swingin’ dance performance by our instructors and/or lindy hop performance team!

Dancing should be fun, not stressful! Let us help you celebrate your big day with the joy of Swing & Jazz!

Contact us today for rates and more info!