Subway Surfers Gameplay and tricks to collect plenty of Coins

Subway surfers is one of the best arcade game in the current era of gaming. Subway surfers was launched after the temple run which was so much popular, but after Kiloo released Subway surfers. It went so viral and gained great popularity. Both games had the same concept, but still, subway surfer was much popular. Subway surfer graphics was so clean and colorful, and its power-ups were also better. The subway surfer cheats can provide unlimited coins and power-ups.


There are various characters in the game, and to unlock them, you have to collect a lot of coins. The main motive in the game is to run far as you can go without a bang on any kinds of obstacles. Well, in-game there are a lot of obstacles i.e..,

·         Train

·         Stop Blocks

·         Side Trains

·         Flowerpots

·         Blocked tunnels

·         Train traffic lights

·         Raised trains platforms

These are barriers that will cause you to lose, and a policeman will get closer to you.


As I said before it is a very simple game and you can control your player way too easily. The player will by himself and the user just have to avoid and dodge from all the obstacles which are mention above. Swipe left, and right, Jake will move other to other tracks and also dodge through barriers. Swipe ahead will lead to jumping and swipe backward will lead to roll. From all these simple controls, you will able to run so long.

With the help of power-ups, Jake will get to do many more tasks like he will start doing big jumps and can collect all of the coins he gets near to. These powers are for a limited time period, but with the help of subway surfer cheats these powers will not end.